Boxing is the ultimate workout stimulating all the muscle groups and providing the optimal combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. It improves every type of physical ability including strength, power, coordination, aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness and endurance. It also helps to develop confidence, self-discipline and mental agility. So why not try boxing in Oxford at OMAA!

Benefits of Boxing

Improves physical fitness
Boxing combines aerobic and anaerobic exercise through the use of the heavy bag, speed-ball, spring-ball, and medicine-ball as well as skipping, running, calisthenics and wind-sprints. The training helps to improve strength, stamina, cardiovascular fitness and build upper body muscles.

Builds confidence
Boxing teaches the skills to defend oneself in a range of situations. This often translates into confidence in other areas and can offer the psychological benefits like contentment and peace of mind.

Teaches concentration and discipline
Boxing requires training and preparation as well as focus and quick thinking and these skills can be transferred outside the ring into other aspects of life.

Provides stress relief
The combination of strength training and aerobic workouts stimulates endorphins and helps to enhance psychological well-being. It enhances the ability to relax and to keep calm and poised under pressure. Like confidence, concentration and discipline, these skills are as useful outside the ring as they are for boxing itself.

Come and experience the benefits of boxing in Oxford at OMAA.

Boxing Skills and Techniques

The boxing stance is important because it sets the platform for all basic punches providing stability and power.

Boxing is not a stationary sport, you need to be able to reach your opponent and evade their attacks. This makes footwork essential. The key is to ensure that the body is centred and balanced at all times and the focus should be on moving forward and backward, moving left to right (lateral movement) and pivoting.

Basic Punches
Four basic punches need to be mastered. These are all based on the orthodox boxer’s stance. They include: the left jab, right (or straight cross), left hook and left upper cut.

Putting the different punches together in various combinations helps the fighter to master them more effectively. It also improves fighting skill. A good offensive deploys a wide range of punches put together in quick succession. Some basic combinations include: jab, right cross and left hook (known as one-two three), jab, right cross, jab and uppercut, right cross, left hook.

Once the basic punches and combinations are mastered, sparring is used to further refine the skills learnt and to perfect execution.

History of boxing

Fist fighting, as a spectator sport, was common across the ancient Western world from Sumer and Egypt to ancient Greece and Rome. It was part of both the Olympic and Gladiatorial Games. Fist fighting as a spectator sport declined during the middle ages only to re-emerge in 17th century England as bare-knuckle boxing or prize fighting. Early bouts were more like street fights, and there were no written rules, referees, weight divisions or round limits. Rules were introduced into modern boxing slowly. These were finalised in the Marquess of Queensberry rules in 1867. The Queensberry rules established a three minute time limit for each round, with a one minute break in between, reduced the time a man was allowed to be down from thirty to ten seconds, established under what circumstances a fighter was considered down, banned wrestling and introduced the use of gloves. Most importantly, they emphasised that it the goal of boxing was not just to win in any way possible but to win by the rules. Both amateur and professional boxing remain popular today.


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